Wick Liquor 50ml Kurimi Yoghurt - Miyako Apricot

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Wick Liquor 50ml Kurimi Yoghurt - Miyako Apricot

Miyako Apricot  Yokosuka Apricot syrup and Kurimu cream puff yoghurt

The rich and ancient mythology of the Bamboo Cutter, helps to unveil the act of innocent discovery, giving birth to Kurimu Yoghurt, by Wick Liquor. This maverick triple flavour range of hyper-creamy fruit yoghurt creations has been secretly developed to transport you to the vibrant island of Miyako. Enveloped in thick and complex layers of luxurious Kurimu Choux, these mind-altering fruit bases have been forged in a cauldron of clandestine alchemy. This is the ultimate dessert flavour range, bonded in blood by a trade route to the Eastern lands, smuggled to you by the original head hunters.


50ml (in a 60ml bottle)