The Yorkshire Vaper

Fizzy Bubbily 100ml Fruitay Twistay
£ 6.99
Fruitay Twistay is a fanta-stic blend of twisted bubbly fruits.
Fizzy Bubbily 100ml Iron Brew
£ 6.99
Exactly what it say's on the tin, the classic Scottish fizzy bubbily bright orange drink flavour. 
Fizzy Bubbily 100ml Tizzle
£ 6.99
The ultimate appe-tizer, a carbonated citrus drink flavour, refresh your vape.
Fizzy Bubbily 100ml Wimto
£ 6.99
Wimto is a very mixed up fruit drink flavour, blackcurrant, lime & raspberry flavour, very purple, very tasty.
Home Slice 100ml Baked Vanilla Cheesecake
£ 10.00
Yo homes, the new classic is in town. This cheesecake couldn’t get any richer! Smooth and warming, sweet vanilla over a buttery biscuit cheesecake base.
Home Slice 100ml Key Lime Cheesecake
£ 10.00
Bite down on a slice of this zesty shorty. Key lime at it’s best, if lime curd and cheesecake had a lovechild… Rich yet fruity, tangy yet sweet, this one’s a keeper.
Home Slice 100ml Salted Caramel Cheesecake
£ 10.00
So fine you’ll want to invest your life savings in it! What could be better than silky, sweet and decadent whisps of salted caramel, layered on a gooey NYC style cheesecake…? That’s right, nothing could be better. This is ‘The One’.
Home Slice 100ml Strawberry Cheesecake
£ 10.00
When it comes to cheesecakes, Home Slice has got it down. Indulge in this mastery of cheesecake perfection, ruby-ripe, fresh strawberry lavished on a creamy cheesecake…. I have no words…!
Old Faithful 100lml Classic Blue
£ 9.99
This one is an absolute classic, mixed fruits + menthol + aniseed.