Bonza RDA by Vandy Vape
£ 20.99
Vandy Vape have released the Bonza BF (bottom fed) RDA which allows you to use this RDA with a squonking mod. This product was created in collaboration with an Australian Youtube reviewer " The Vaping Bogan". The idea is to ensure that the deck is easy to build on with fixed screw clamp posts. Supporting both single and dual coil configurations, this is a 24mm diameter RDA with 3 colourful food grade resin drip tips - Yellow, green and red. E-liquid will saturate the cotton from "down under" due to the hollowed out 510 pin. 
Dead Rabbit RTA by HellVape
£ 25.99

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA Tank Atomizer is the brand new RTA tank, which is collaborated design by Vapin' Heathen and Hellvape. Features 25mm diameter, the Dead Rabbit RTA holes up to e-liquid with bulbble glass tube. The Dead Rabbit RTA introduces an unique "Rabbit Ear” design, with ample build space and generous post holes, which not only gives you the option of single or dual coil builds, but also in general enables you to get a lot more creative. Unlike most rtas, the Dead Rabbit RTA comes with top side diagonal airflow design, focus on flavor and effectively making it leak proof. 

Dead Rabbit SQ 22mm RDA
£ 20.99
The Dead Rabbit 22mm SQ RDA, not just a 22mm version of the former Dead Rabbit but a single coil flavor RDA, still keeps true to the Rabbit Ear design and innovative airflow of the original. Meanwhile, the supplemented airflow allows for Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping.
Drop Dead RDA by HellVape
£ 26.00

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA is a collaborative device by Heathen and Vapor Chronicles. It is available for both single coil building and dual coil building. It features a 810 resin coloured drip tip but it also comes with a 510 stainless steel adapter. Super smooth airflow, easy to build deck, almost leak free, adjustable airflow control and much more.

Kensei 24 RTA by Vandy Vape
£ 26.99
Vandy Vape KENSEI 24 RTA Tank the flavor master. Kensei 24 RTA is the next revilization of the beloved vandy vape. Integrating an impressive highly advanced dual coil version in 24mm diameter.
Pulse 24 BF RDA by Vandy Vape
£ 22.95
The Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA Dual Coil Version is the next revitalisation of the beloved Pulse series, integrating an impressive highly advanced Dual Coil version.
Redemption RDA By Armageddon MFG
£ 52.99

Redemption RDA By Armageddon MFG. Much like the Apocalypse, the Redemption utilizes the same air-flow but incorporates the deck clamp system of the Rapture. 

Uwell Fancier RTA / RDA Tank
£ 27.95
Meet the Uwell Fancier, a rebuildable tank that can be changed to a rebuildable dripper at a moments notice. This tank truly is fancier than the rest.
Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA
£ 26.99
(-44.46%) £ 14.99
The Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA is a design by #Mrjustright1 with a new deck design that solves a problem that other mesh style atomisers face. The spring loaded ceramic under the cotton wick helps keep the wick pressed against the underside of the mesh heating element thereby reducing the chance of a hot spot and foul tasting juice. The air flow on this RDA is buttery smooth and produces excellent flavour and big clouds.