02 Melon Juice By Mojito
£ 5.00

02 Melon Juice Mojito Juice. A savoury Fruit Cocktail with Fresh notes of Melon, Watermelon and Peach. 

Mojito 50ml Lemonada Juice
£ 3.99

Lemoda Juice Mojito Juice. A sparkling drink with a mixture of LIme and Lemon. 

Oreda Juice By Mojito
£ 5.00

E liquid Oreda Juice Mojito Juice. The association of Sparkling Orange Lemonade and a mystery ingredient. 

Peaches Juice By Mojito
£ 5.00

Peaches Juice Mojito Juice. A good Lemonade with extracts of Juicy Peach and Dragon Fruit. 

Pecurrant Juice By Mojito
£ 5.00

E liquid Pecurrant Juice Mojito Juice.  A subtle mixture with Blackcurrant, Peach and Dragon Fruit.