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Loaded 100ml Cookie Butter

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Loaded 100ml Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter by Loaded E-Liquid 100ml vape juice is one of the latest creations from (Ruthless Vapors) aka Loaded E-liquid that takes your favorite cookie butter spread LOADED into your next favorite vape juice flavor! Enjoy the delicious taste of cookie butter spread whenever you want without the worry of packing on the extra calories!

Few things hit the spot like the taste of cookie butter spreads. If you dream of this sweet delight on a regular basis but want to avoid all of those calories, Cookie Butter vape juice from Loaded E-Liquid will make all of your fantasies come true. Cookie Butter ejuice tastes exactly like your favorite cookie butter spreads that has a sugary sweet and satisfyingly savory flavor profile.


100ml (in a 120ml bottle)