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IVG Disposable Bar 600 puffs

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IVG Disposable Bar 600 puffs

The IVG Bar is a great device that you can take with you on nights out or when youíre out on the move, hassle-free! Because we all know thereís nothing worse than your vape device running out of battery, or even forgetting your bottle of e-liquid and turning to cigarettes when youíve got this far without smoking.

After years of development, the IVG Bar has been dubbed a next-generation device! Itís instant, disposable, ergonomic, pocket-sized, satisfying and itís extremely easy to use. Not only that, each bar comes pre-filled with 2ml of award-winning premium e-liquid filled with that amazing great taste, with a 500 MAH battery to keep you going throughout the day. We have developed the device with public health in mind, using food grade ingredients, organic cotton for the wick, paired with our TPD compliant, emissions tested premium e-liquid.