Element E-Liquids

Element FAR 100+20 100ml Candy Punch
£ 10.99
Bold sweet bursts of rainbow candy certain to shower your palate in juicy flavours. 
Element FAR 100+20 100ml Grape Vape
£ 10.99
FAR Grape Vape e-liquid made by Element in the USA. A juicy palate-pleasing medley of 3 grape varieties.
Element FAR 100+20 100ml Marshmallow Breeze
£ 10.99
The Marshmallow Breeze E-Liquid from Far E-Liquid is sweet and refreshing with minty overtones.
Element FAR 100+20 100ml Neon Green Slushie
£ 10.99
Neon Green Slushie from FAR E-Liquids is a cool and zesty e-liquid bringing an icy freshness with lime and a hint of menthol.
Element FAR 100+20 100ml Pineapple Bliss
£ 10.99
This e-juice by Element E-Liquids comes in a 120ml bottle packed full of pineapple , mango and sweet berry flavourings for a fruity vape.