Dr Vapes

Dat Blue Stuff - Salts by Dr Vapes
£ 4.95

A sensational blue-raspberry slush flavour, just like the one from your childhood!

Dat Blue Stuff by Dr Vapes
£ 14.99
Amazing Blue Raspberry slush puppie, enjoy and refreshing sweet taste like never before. This truly is one of the best slush puppie flavours in the world!
Dat Good Stuff by Dr Vapes
£ 14.99
Dat Good Stuff by Dr Vapes is a fresh blend of Guava with a hint of apple.
Dat Great Stuff by Dr Vapes
£ 14.99
Dr Vapes Grape Slush with Bubblegum infused with the doctors secret sauce.
Dat Lit Stuff by Dr Vapes
£ 14.99
When life gives you pineapples, you make slush puppies. 
Dat Punch Stuff - Salts by Dr Vapes
£ 4.95

A crowd-pleasing cherry fruit punch! Fresh, fruity and delicious slush puppie!

Best served chilled.

Dat Punch Stuff by Dr Vapes
£ 14.99
The latest flavour by Dr Vapes!  A fruit punch mix of Cherry, Strawberry, and Watermelon.
Pink - Salts by Dr Vapes
£ 4.95
This remedy is a Blackcurrant Soft Drink juicy blend with a hint of Cotton Candy.