Dr Frost

Dr Frost 100ml Apple and Cranberry Ice
£ 9.99
Dr Frost Apple and Cranberry Ice E-Liquid – A perfect blend of crisp green apples mixed with ripe juicy cranberry’s a fantastic all day vape.
Dr Frost 100ml Blue Raspberry Ice
£ 9.99
Dr Frost Blue Raspberry Ice E-Liquid – A perfect blend of sweet and sour blue raspberry mixed up with the right amount of crushed ice.
Dr Frost 100ml Energy Ice
£ 9.99
Dr Frost Energy Ice E-Liquid – Just Like a sweet slushy of ice cold energy drink!
Dr. Frost 100ml Fizzy Pink Soda
£ 9.99
A new re-imagination of Grape.
Grapes, handpicked, frozen, sent to the Frozen North, stomped into a mush and added to a very special pink bubbly mix. It's a secret recipe we know you will love...
Refreshing, sweet, hits the spot.
Dr. Frost 100ml Grape Ice
£ 9.99
Ice Cold Malaysian liquids brought to the UK? Look no further. Let Dr Frost hook you up!
Dr. Frost 100ml Honeydew Blackcurrant
£ 9.99

Dr Frost Honeydew & Blackcurrant is here to cool you off on these sunny warm days to keep you cool and refreshed.

Dr. Frost 100ml Mixed Fruit Ice
£ 9.99
What is that flavour? Oooohhh now something else is dancing on my tongue!
Well that, dear Vaper, is the irresistible flavour of Mixed Fruit, the NEW addition to the Polar Ice Vape range from Dr. Frost.
Passion fruit, Mango and Mixed Berries create this wonderful, juicy e-liquid which is finished with that iconic smash of menthol ice.
A true all-day-vape of fruity madness.
Dr. Frost 100ml Pineapple Ice
£ 9.99
Are you a lover of pineapple flavoured vaping liquids? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page because Pineapple Ice is perfect for your taste palate. Dr Frost Pineapple Ice is a refreshing burst of ice and juicy pineapples, freshly picked from Costa Rica.
Dr. Frost 50ml Strawberry Ice
£ 4.99
Strawberry Ice is a reminder that sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. With a strong strawberry flavour throughout leading into an icy blast of mint, which combined creates a strawberry slushie flavour. Dr. Frost Strawberry Ice is a freezing cold, juicy strawberry flavour.