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Aspire EXO Tank

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Aspire EXO TankThe Aspire Cleito Exo is the latest in the popular Cleito range. The original Cleito Tank revolutionised high performance vaping by turning the whole chimney into a coil, maximising surface area.
The new Aspire Cleito EXO continues the revolution with an even larger coil leading to some of the best flavour and vapour production we have come across.One way to improve the flavour you get from an e-liquid is to maximise the surface area of the coil. The Cleito was always the leader in this area, and the Cleito EXO takes this one step further with an even larger coil. This also means the Cleito EXO is perfect for vapers who like to produce large clouds.

The Cleito comes with the new maximum allowed capacity of 2ml, but because of the size of the coil this is a large tank. Handily, though, the Cleito still fits the original  Cleito coils.