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AccessoriesOur accessories provide you with the extras needed to enhance your vaping experience. We have a selection of batteries, battery chargers, coils and other vaping essentials.

Bargain Basement

Bargain Basement We all love a good bargain! You can bag yourselves a bargain piece of hardware or tasty e-liquid here in our special Black Friday section, you'll find some amazing products that we have reduced to clear, including mods, tanks, e-liquid and vaping accessories.

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All Sale and Clearance items are under "All Sales Final" policy, please read our refund / return policy.


DisposablesA disposable vape kit is an all-in-one device which is designed to be thrown away and replaced once it is used up. They have all the same components as a traditional vape kit, such as a battery, coil, tank and e-liquid - but itís all built-in. This means that there is no assembly or setup required. The single-use kits are lightweight and compact which makes disposable vape devices a great choice for those looking to try out vaping for the first time, as well as being perfectly pocket-sized for days away or nights out. No need to worry about remembering spare batteries, coils, tanks and e-liquid!



E-liquid is the fluid that fuels the Electronic Cigarette. It is what provides the nicotine solution and the flavoring to your Electronic Cigarette. It creates the vapor in which you exhale that mimics the traditional smoke from analogue cigarettes. We have a wide range of e-liquids in many different flavours from around the world. Different PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths are also available.


Mods / Kits

Mods / KitsMods are modified vaporizers which are very popular on todays market and can come I different shapes and sizes. Some of these vape mods have built-in batteries but most use removable batteries which are usually sold separately. Mods can be supplied as a kit which include everything you need to start vaping. Most kits will not include batteries.

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine ShotsNic Shot is a 10ml bottle of e-liquid containing 18mg of Nicotine and NO flavourings. Nic Shots are perfectly ok to vape on their own but they are very strong and a bland tasteless. They are designed for use with other E-Liquids labelled as Nic Shot ready or Shortfill on the product listing or on the bottle.