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 BLUEBERRY JAM COOKIE - SADBOY 100ml Shortfill Sad boy Blueberry Jam Cookie is a concoction of both fruit, dessert, and breakfast jelly. 
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 Just Jam Biscuit - Blueberry

Just Jam Biscuit Blueberry is an intense blueberry biscuit by Just Jam.

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02 Melon Juice By Mojito

02 Melon Juice Mojito Juice. A savoury Fruit Cocktail with Fresh notes of Melon, Watermelon and Peach. 

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Acapulco | Gold Leaf LiquidsGold Leaf Acapulco delivers a delicious blend of sweet and filling vanilla custard with the strong aroma of tobacco all in one E-Juice. Looking to quit a bad habit, but don't want to give up on your favorite flavor? Fill your vape with the bold flavor of tobacco in an E-Liquid unlike any other -- Gold Leaf Acapulco.